Level 3 day 3

Today was a great day, we focused even more in depth on the hands and feet. We went all the way down the planes of the flexor and extensor digitorum into the fingers and toes and giving then expressive and dynamic qualities.

I was very flattered when asked by other classmates about Andrew helping me out with my hands, and they were all surprised I did them myself because they all like them so much. This may also mean that the rest of what I'm doing isn't working as well :(
Studying Burne Hogarth's book about dynamic hands back in high school surely helped me out with this.

A bust made by Jonathan Neill of the the Governator was brought in today for the class to check out, it was a very well done piece, hopefully he will be able to teach a class in SF sometime soon, his portrait work is phenomenal.

Finally here is my recorded progress for the day.

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