Level 2 day 1

I just finished the first day of Anatomy Tools level 2 course! Andrew Cawrse is the instructor and did an excellent job introducing us to his measuring techniques and methods for approaching a new sculptures.

This is the inside of the classroom, just to give you an idea of how large the facility is. It has a nice lighting layout with enough control to light all the pieces, there are about 5 students in the class, Andrew instructing and 3 assistants sculpting with us to see the process they are coaching us with.

Here is the piece that originally led me to this studio to study, it's Andrew's reference Ecorché sculpt. Along with paying for the class I was finally able to afford a cast of this piece for reference use in my own studio.

This is Walter, any sculpting class worth taking always has a resident skeleton.

This poster shows the end goal for this week's piece. The model is a cirque du soleil trapeze artist. As you can imagine he is in incredible shape and a rare treat to study from. The final result should look pretty close to the CG example already made by Andrew.

These 3 pieces illustrate Andrew's method of simple primitives, refining them to planes and then adding in anatomical details.

Lecture time with Andrew,we're discussing primitives and breaking down the masses for generic shapes when starting a piece.

This is what I managed to finish after the first day, with all the lecture time we only had 2 hours to dive into the clay, but I had a decent start. Can't wait to get further along with this guy!

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