Level 3 day 2

Today was a great day for progress, out goal was to nail a few overlooked portions of a piece due to difficulty. We focused on the face, hands, feet and knees. Joint transitions are some of the hardest parts of the body to have look accurate, yet are one of the major telling points of whether or not a sculpture is correct.

Andrew did a quick demo for relating animal to human anatomy, we worked with a few live dogs and tracked bone and musle configuration in relation to a human's anatomy.

Our co-instructor, Damon Bard, brought in a maquette he made at Dreamworks for Kung Fu Panda. It was a really well made piece that showed his skills of understanding anatomy, form, and squash and stretch.

This is a detail show of how we worked through giving the 1/3 scale hand some detail.

Here is the progress I made for the day, after only 2 days I'm very happy with the pose and likeness to the model. I still have some correct planes and anatomy to fix before I can add any more detail, but at this rate I'll have the confidence I need in Carlos Huante's class next week.

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