Level 2 day 5

These images show the work I've done for the week, much of the piece was left intentionally rough and blocked out to leave a map of Andrew's sculpting style. By leaving in the blocking lines, it shows his methods for breaking down the figure and measuring spots to accurately construct the anatomy for a figure.

I think the class was a great success and already see how these tips can improve my work and ways I can combine them with the approach I'm used to in my work flow.

I'm 1/3 of the way done with my workshops, I felt like Andrew's knowledge was so expansive there was far more than could be absorbed in one week, I feel very grateful I have more time to work with him and can't wait for more!

My goals for next week are to nail down some tricky parts of blocking out the flexors and extensors and expressing the subtleties of the back correctly. For the piece as a whole I hope to be able to better merge Andrew's techniques of working with the figure and my own. If I can do this it will be a combination of his and my own work flow and perhaps with the new knowledge and my old skills I can push my skills to a new level. I was trained to work mainly from observation, and with Andrew the week was spent learning the body and how to recreate it from knowledge. Observational and the new ways to break down anatomy should help create the results I've been working for.

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