Level 2 day 2

Today was the end of day 2 for level 2! I'm still going strong and having a blast. The material is just right for me, some is review and some is new which is just what I was looking for to start out with my 3 weeks of instruction. The following pic is Andrew showing us his method for nailing the skull proportions.

The little 1/3 scale skull was made by instructor Eric Wilson. It's an awesome reference piece and something I plan on keeping with my just to study and keep in my hands when I have a few free moments in my day.

These pics show the day's work, we mapped out the skull and ocular cavities. We worked down into the neck, formed some of the shoulders and then back into the scapula. Hopefully we can start picking up the pace tomorrow, I'm excited to see how far I can get it my Friday.

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