Level 3 day 5

Here is my piece after the level 3 course, it was a great class, even better instruction and course material covered than the previous week's. I've learned a considerable about of techniques to add to my work.

Level 3 day 4

We worked really hard on our pieces for day 4 of our class, here's some proof.

Level 3 day 3

Today was a great day, we focused even more in depth on the hands and feet. We went all the way down the planes of the flexor and extensor digitorum into the fingers and toes and giving then expressive and dynamic qualities.

I was very flattered when asked by other classmates about Andrew helping me out with my hands, and they were all surprised I did them myself because they all like them so much. This may also mean that the rest of what I'm doing isn't working as well :(
Studying Burne Hogarth's book about dynamic hands back in high school surely helped me out with this.

A bust made by Jonathan Neill of the the Governator was brought in today for the class to check out, it was a very well done piece, hopefully he will be able to teach a class in SF sometime soon, his portrait work is phenomenal.

Finally here is my recorded progress for the day.

Level 3 day 2

Today was a great day for progress, out goal was to nail a few overlooked portions of a piece due to difficulty. We focused on the face, hands, feet and knees. Joint transitions are some of the hardest parts of the body to have look accurate, yet are one of the major telling points of whether or not a sculpture is correct.

Andrew did a quick demo for relating animal to human anatomy, we worked with a few live dogs and tracked bone and musle configuration in relation to a human's anatomy.

Our co-instructor, Damon Bard, brought in a maquette he made at Dreamworks for Kung Fu Panda. It was a really well made piece that showed his skills of understanding anatomy, form, and squash and stretch.

This is a detail show of how we worked through giving the 1/3 scale hand some detail.

Here is the progress I made for the day, after only 2 days I'm very happy with the pose and likeness to the model. I still have some correct planes and anatomy to fix before I can add any more detail, but at this rate I'll have the confidence I need in Carlos Huante's class next week.

Level 3 day 1

Today was the start of the level 3 course! It's more 1 on 1 instructor, a more advanced pose, less hand holding and allows more experimentation with blending Andrew's work flow and the students. So far it's an awesome class, with an amazing model and pose.

Half of the students are making an animal, which will be completing with the aid of a creature and animal expert and reference. The other half of the students (including me) will be working on the human figure in a dynamic pose. It's a really solid class and very excellent .

This is a quick sculpture Andrew did to demonstrate how tension can be expressed in the muscles of a model and what a dynamic pose can really do. It's an awesome piece and is the same model we'll be working with, a very short but powerful cirque du soleil performer.

This is my piece the and progress I made by the end of the day. It was pretty close to hitting my goals, incorporating Andrew's methods with the ones I've been practicing for a long time, starting back with Robert Copskey's back at MICA.

It's a pretty good start and has some good energy to the pose, but needs some proportion adjustments to the masses. The model is currently holding ropes in his fists and is 50% into his final pose. Later in the week he'll hang form the ceiling for very short periods of time and then we'll really push understanding anatomy in a dynamic pose.

Level 2 day 5

These images show the work I've done for the week, much of the piece was left intentionally rough and blocked out to leave a map of Andrew's sculpting style. By leaving in the blocking lines, it shows his methods for breaking down the figure and measuring spots to accurately construct the anatomy for a figure.

I think the class was a great success and already see how these tips can improve my work and ways I can combine them with the approach I'm used to in my work flow.

I'm 1/3 of the way done with my workshops, I felt like Andrew's knowledge was so expansive there was far more than could be absorbed in one week, I feel very grateful I have more time to work with him and can't wait for more!

My goals for next week are to nail down some tricky parts of blocking out the flexors and extensors and expressing the subtleties of the back correctly. For the piece as a whole I hope to be able to better merge Andrew's techniques of working with the figure and my own. If I can do this it will be a combination of his and my own work flow and perhaps with the new knowledge and my old skills I can push my skills to a new level. I was trained to work mainly from observation, and with Andrew the week was spent learning the body and how to recreate it from knowledge. Observational and the new ways to break down anatomy should help create the results I've been working for.

Level 2 day 4

Here is my work for the day, class must have run for about 16 hours today and I'm just wiped out, I'll update you guys more on how the piece got to this point, but for now here are just the images for today's work.

Some discipline that’s can be difficult to understand and harder to follow this week is knowing our goal as a workshop isn’t to make a piece of art, it’s to sculpt and learn the methods to create one while being accurate. My normal speed and process would have been able to get me much further along than I am after so much work. We’re only to work on the sections of the body we cover in lectures and nothing else during sculpting time. This makes the creation process somewhat a disjointed workflow and also only gives us one shot at each location of the body.

As Andrew has repeatedly stated, there is no point for us to come and create what we always do in our normal work because it will be simply that; something at our current skill level. What I’m making certainly isn’t beautiful, but it’s accuracy to real anatomy is much closer than anything I’ve done before and I will only grow from this point.

Level 2 day 3

Day 3 of our workshop has come to a close. It was a great day but even with 12 hours of class I didn't get enough time to get my piece as far as I wanted or try all of the excellent methods of Andrew's.

As promised, here is today's progress.