Level 3 day 1

Today was the start of the level 3 course! It's more 1 on 1 instructor, a more advanced pose, less hand holding and allows more experimentation with blending Andrew's work flow and the students. So far it's an awesome class, with an amazing model and pose.

Half of the students are making an animal, which will be completing with the aid of a creature and animal expert and reference. The other half of the students (including me) will be working on the human figure in a dynamic pose. It's a really solid class and very excellent .

This is a quick sculpture Andrew did to demonstrate how tension can be expressed in the muscles of a model and what a dynamic pose can really do. It's an awesome piece and is the same model we'll be working with, a very short but powerful cirque du soleil performer.

This is my piece the and progress I made by the end of the day. It was pretty close to hitting my goals, incorporating Andrew's methods with the ones I've been practicing for a long time, starting back with Robert Copskey's back at MICA.

It's a pretty good start and has some good energy to the pose, but needs some proportion adjustments to the masses. The model is currently holding ropes in his fists and is 50% into his final pose. Later in the week he'll hang form the ceiling for very short periods of time and then we'll really push understanding anatomy in a dynamic pose.

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