Level 2 day 4

Here is my work for the day, class must have run for about 16 hours today and I'm just wiped out, I'll update you guys more on how the piece got to this point, but for now here are just the images for today's work.

Some discipline that’s can be difficult to understand and harder to follow this week is knowing our goal as a workshop isn’t to make a piece of art, it’s to sculpt and learn the methods to create one while being accurate. My normal speed and process would have been able to get me much further along than I am after so much work. We’re only to work on the sections of the body we cover in lectures and nothing else during sculpting time. This makes the creation process somewhat a disjointed workflow and also only gives us one shot at each location of the body.

As Andrew has repeatedly stated, there is no point for us to come and create what we always do in our normal work because it will be simply that; something at our current skill level. What I’m making certainly isn’t beautiful, but it’s accuracy to real anatomy is much closer than anything I’ve done before and I will only grow from this point.

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  1. This is looking fantastic! Great work on the rib cage and the massing of the back.