Carlos Huante's Creature Class

I took Carlos's workshop a few months ago and had a great time. We had a choice of 3 designs that were done by Carlos in advance, so when we arrived our armatures were already constructed and we were ready to sculpt. The 3 designs were used as a 3D puzzle we had to unravel and determine how to construct from only one view based on our knowledge of anatomy. It was a very difficult excercise with lots of good artists to work around, ranging from ILM, Pixar, Dreamworks, EA and Zynga and more.
I chose a quadruped with a split front leg, so it has 5 contact points with the base. The piece stand about 20 inches tall. We were going to have a considerable amount of time to work on details so we used Chavant nsp for extra detailing later in the week.

Carlos Would walk around the workshop aiding everyone in how to read the design and with the craft of sculpting the material to match his expectations of texture and form. Understanding his concept was key, it was like a working for him for a week. These is how far I was able to push the piece during the week, occasionally Carlos would come by with a knife and chop off whatever he didn't agree with, so some bits were left at varying levels of finish.

As you can see the piece was designed without any face, I may return to the piece later and finish it up if I have some time for it. The workshop itself was great and everyone in the class with me made it even more enjoyable.

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