Captain America's WW2 Harley

Here's an initial screen of my WIP Harley Davidson 1942 WLA LIBERATOR ridden by Captain America.   The bike really caught my eye while watching the film and I wanted to put some time in and make one myself.

thumbnail paintovers

I'm working on where to take this character, pushing the concept of a yeti but not sure if to go more goat or ape in design.  Click on the image for a better view.

new speed sculpts

A new set of speed sculpts, I'll be pushing a few of these on to a final stage in zbrush before retopology.

First render pass

Here is a test for the lighting and testing out if the forms and anatomy are reading for a believable character and how close the design is lining up with the description given.

The Deep Ones thumbnails

As promised here are the final concept thumbnails for the Lovecraft character I'm working on.  Which one(s) will I choose to take to final?  Come back to find out!

More tamarin madness

I'm having trouble finding the time to work on this little guy but I'm hoping to get the mold starting soon.